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The Late Shree Laxmanshaastree Date
He was born in 1890 and was brought up under the Vedik tradition. His father Bapubhatta taught him Dashagrantha and tri-sutri Yaajnikee. He later on acquired knowledge of Siddhaanta Ganita from the late Shri Gopalshaastree Madbhaavikar of Badali in Karnataka. He received special guidance from Mahaamahopadhyaya Vasudevshaastree Abhyankar. He gained the knowledge and expertise of Muhoortashaastra on his own. He passed away at the age of 91, in 1980.

The Late Shree Pandit Dhundiraj Shaastree Date
Born on the sixth day of the waning phase of moon in the Hindu month of Falguna, on the Nath Shashthi day, in shaka 1842 (1920 AD) at Solapur, late Shree Pandit Dhundirajshaastree had his lessons in Krishna Yajurveda, khagoliya ganita (mathematics for astronomy), Dharmashaastra and Muhoortashaastra under the guidance of his father and grandfather at the tender age of ten years.
He had acquired the traditional title of Kavyateertha- an exponent of Sanskrit language- learning under the guidance of Shankarshaastree Moholkar and Bagewadikarshaastree of Solapur.
The lunar panchangas come across adhika masa (an additional month) and kshaya masa (the months which are eliminated from the count). The kshayamaasa repeats itself in a cycle of every 141 years followed by another kshayamaasa after 19 years. Thus, generally speaking not every generation of mankind witnesses kshayamaasa. In his 75-year's life late Dhundirajshaastree saw the kshaya masa occurring twice. Dhundirajshaastree was the first to decipher the shaastraartha (religious decisions pertaining to kshayamaasa) of the kshayamaasa which later was followed by others in the field. He won eminence and esteem through various jyotish conferences he attended and also was felicitated with various awards and titles. The Varanasi-based SaangaVeda Vidyalaya honoured him with the Ganaka Ratna title when he chaired the convocation ceremony of the Vidyalaya. He was acclaimed by the Shankaracharya of Kanchi peetham. He was active in religious, cultural, astrological, educational and co-operative institutes and organisations.
He gave thousands of lectures on Dharmashaastra and Panchanga in cities and towns of India.

The Late Shree Shreedhar Laxmanshaastree Date:
He has been trained in SiddhaantaGanita and Dharmashaastra under the guidance of his father and elder brother, Pandit Dhundirajshaastree.

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