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Digital business of Date Panchang is owned by a family-run business firm Panchang Digital Solutions, with operations in Solapur and Pune cities of Maharashtra in India. The business of publication of Panchangas began in 1916-17 by the Late Shree Laxmanshaastree Date as a single man operation and it became truely popular through-out Maharashtra because of the efforts of the Late Pandit Dhundirajshaastree Date. He was keen on making Panchanga user friendly. It's his efforts that have changed the look and feel of the old Panchangas to make them easy to read and understand. Late Shree Shreedhar Date was expert in SiddhaantaGanita.
The following team manages the business:

*Anant alias Mohan Dhundirajshaastree Date:

He has studied Dharmashaastra and Muhoortashaastra under the guidance of his father Dhundirajshaastree and uncle Shreedhar Date.

*Vinay Shreedhar Date:

Formal post-graduation in Mathematics from University of Bombay and studied SiddhantGanita under the guidance of his father. Acquired adequate knowledge of astronomical mathematics as part of the education at the university.

*(It's a strange coincidence that the word Date, if read in English, is closely associated with tithi which is an essential component of a panchanga, an almanac. Yet in Marathi, the language of Maharashtra, the word literally means, a philanthropist or a generous donor. 'a' in 'Date' is pronounced as a in arm, and 'e' as ai in fair.)

Date Panchang,
624, South Kasba,
Solapur 413007 India

Phone No. :-  +91 217 2625309

Date Panchang,
(Panchang Digital Solutions),
3, Saishwar-B Apartments,
580, Narayan Peth,
Pune 411030 India.

Phone No. :-   +91-20-24444623
email : [email protected]

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